Yellow piss

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did I drink too much before going to bed?

I had a HUGE buffet dinner with J last night, kind of our last supper before saying farewell, see you later to my childhood friend who's opening up a new chapter in her life, starting afresh in Germany, the lucky thing. She's worked hard for it, though, as proven by the fact that her quartet has just been awarded with an awesome prize of a stay in London next year.

So, having to get up in the early hours of the next morning, we went to bed early. I don't think I was feeling totally well, but no matter. Anyways, I had a hard time getting to sleep, and kept having fits of dreams, in one of which I was in a hall with a group of others, playing a version of the roller derby, but without the roller skates, and there are three rings of contestants. It was really intense, almost Olympic-like. I was going round and round, pumping my legs like I really wanted to get all the girls out of my way.

Then I started to really want to go to the toilets. So which I did, where I met K.. And so I am doing my business, and I look down, and, horror..

Why am I wearing my highschool senior pinafore, and why is it getting wet with my piss? Oh, and why, oh why, is the piss bright yellow, like paint? Oh my goodness, am I wetting myself, wetting my bed?! OMG, horror!!!

But thankfully I haven't wet myself, lol, and the funny thing was that I wasn't even wanting to go to the toilets. But I was so scared that I may, so off I went..

Why am I so stressed? What is wrong with me?

On the other hand, life is really good now that I have almost shaken the cold off. I have gotten in contact with my American cousin, and through emails we are trying to fill in the gaps of 20-odd years of absence between us. The weather is horrible at the moment, but I have still managed to get to the gym, and am feeling fit and fresh, yes I am!

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