You are what you eat - 3rd week

Monday, September 06, 2010

Mon, 30th Aug
one piece of toast with yoghurt;
Japanese donburi with fish katsu and teriyaki tofu, then Giapo ice cream, with R. Was SO full afterwards!;
[Really need to get started on the salads, because the greens are just sitting in my fridge. Tomorrow?]

Tue, 31st Aug - last day of the month!
tofu salad on toast with poached egg;
tofu pasta salad with a banana;
peaches, and a butterscotch choco drink at Choco Boutique in Parnell
[Made too much tofu salad. But heaps of greens, so the rich choco drink and sweets could be forgiven :)]

Wed, 1st Sep
First day of September!
Brunch with M, pancakes dripped with maple syrup and berries on top, cream on one side, oranges and apples on the other;
2 bananas for afternoon snack;
a glass of milk and yoghurt.
[No veges today, but fruits instead, and a bit of dairy product]

Thu, 2nd Sep
Brunch again, carrot cake with English breakfast tea, and later, a tiny lemon meringue tart;
1 banana and a date scone;
half of a toasted sandwich with scrambled egg, pasta tofu salad, and smoked salmon, and lemon ginger tea.
[Lots of sweets, but also some good stuff as well :)]

Fri, 3rd Sep
Porridge with mixed berries;
White fish and garlic potato croquettes, lots of tea;
1 peach, yoghurt, and the last half of yesterday's sandwich, 1 banana.
[Fruits, check. A bit of fish, and vege, check. On the road to healthy eating, though feel bloated from eating a tad too much.]

Sat, 4th Sep
Earthquake and Takapuna day.
Seafood chowder with garlic bread and a glass hot choco;
4 fish and potato croquettes, Ken Yakitori skewers, sake, whiskey and coke, cocktail.
[No greens, but lots of seafood. Not too many drinks, either.]

Sun, 5th Sep
Tuna salad sandwich;
Tuna salad sandwich, again, with a choco ball and Opera pastry, aloe vera drink;
Fettucine with fresh basil pesto, half portion, and African Dream black tea.

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