You are what you eat - 4th week

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mon, 6th Sep

Last week of food diarying.
Brunch, consisting of tuna salad sandwich, again, half glass of kiwi celery juice, another cup of African Dream black tea. Had brunch with Flatmate, prepared by me, for a change. Happy :) ;
Indian dinner. Chicken chicken lamb. Naan naan naan.
[Definitely a good start to the week. If only added a bit more exercising...]

Tue, 7th Sep
Another lazy day.
No bfast, no lunch. Afternoon snack of K's choco fudge cake slice, and coconut milk carrot juice;
Egg bacon mushroom salad, Java Pekoe black tea.
[The coconut milk carrot juice has a distinct unique taste. I think this might be the only time I try this concoction. It has a curry like light orangey, mandarin like colour. The smell is light coconuty. I still have half a cup of coconut milk left... what should I used it for?]

Wed, 8th Sep
Can't believe it's already Wednesday!
Lunch of egg bacon mushroom salad and African Dream black tea;
1 cup of berry muesli cereal.
[I exercised today! Gym AND swim! Yay!]

Thu, 9th Sep
1 banana, 1 yoghurt;
Sausage roll, Cookietime;
Kiwifruits, rice and fish croquettes.
[A bit of everything except veges. Too tired. Ulcers inside my mouth :(]

Fri, 10th Sep
Berry muesli cereal;
cupcake, peanut butter bun, orange juice;
Spanish tapas - chicken, eggplants, chips.
[Where are your greens?]

Sat, 11th Sep
The last of the berry muesli cereal, kiwi fruit;
avocado soup;
chicken curry - made it myself, and so proud of it! Was so delish!
[Fruit, vege, and meat- yay, well done!]

Sun, 12th Sep
Last day!
2 1/2 kiwifruits, Java Pakoe black tea;
French crepes, with egg, cheese and spinach;
Rice and fishey side dish.
[Fruit, vege and fish! Yes~]

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