I have bread in my rice cooker... Your bread.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't think I have been dreaming lately. Must have been having deep sleeps. Unusual.

Last night I did dream, though I almost forgot about it. Maybe it's that. I did dream but I didn't remember them as clearly as I'd used to. A lot has been on my mind lately. Laziness, for most part.

Anyway, I had a personal rice cooker in my room, separate from Flatmate's, for some reason. Inside it was a loaf of bread, which I did not expect to be there, since it wasn't mine and I hadn't put it there. I was surprised to see the fresh bread inside, and I was hungry for it. For a momentn I went through a moral dilemma. Should I? I shouldn't!? Then I just gave in, 'just a little morsel', then a few more..

I also checked my email, in my dream, and there was that much awaited email from Paris, FELICITATIONS, YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED! I remember thinking, I really wish this was true, happening for real right now, because I knew that I was in a dream.

I am doing a lot of waiting these days. Waiting for emails for me to pick up the Bachelor's certificate, to invite me to come to Paris, ...

I am waiting for cheap flights to go home for the summer, for warmer weather so I can clean out my room and closet and linen...

Happy week, peoples :)

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- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist -

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