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Friday, October 01, 2010

Lost my USB + house and locker keys at uni today, because I forgot to take it out of the computer when I was leaving the lab, in my hurry to study for a Spanish test, which I didn't even do well in... Flunked the whole last section, which is one fifth of the mark.. :(

Haven't been able to think properly this week, due to all the sleepless nights trying to get the assignments finished in time. Handed one yesterday, today, and have one left to go due Tuesday... Need to get a move on... Then there's the training workshop for one of my works tomorrow, which will take up at least 8 hours out of the day... including about two hours on the bus. At least it's paid, right? Working on Sunday as well, about 5 hours, I think. Argh... Does not leave much time for the assignment, just will have to manage time really well.

Afterwards, will have to start on another French assignment and the Spanish oral... I feel sick! I need sleep! My head aches!

This month I have decided will be a no money spending one, and especially saving water. Apparently it's water awareness month.. I read it in a magazine somewhere in September and thought it'd be a good initiative. Coincidentally - or is it? - one of my friends is fundraising for a water charity group for her 20th birthday. Why are my friends so generous!?! Makes me feel so selfish! I already had another friend fundraising for cancer society for his bday earlier in the year. Seeing as it's well timed and since I won't be spending much this month, but saving as much as I can, I took part in the fundraising :) I feel happier. (Now cut down on those shower times, Viv...)

Early night tonight, if I want to be awake tomorrow for Health and Safety workshop...
Have a nice weekend, everyone.

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