Travelling shoes

Saturday, October 09, 2010

It seems everyone I know, fine, a lot of the people I know, are putting on their travelling shoes on. They are really making me jealous for taking those steps out into the world, the world in which I would dearly love to take part in, the very world which I would love to see and feel, smell, taste!

I know, I know, I will get my chance soon, but it's just not soon enough!

Went to see the 42nd Street with friends last night. What a treat! I could not stop from grinning foolishly the whole time, whooping the actors on, tapping my feet along with the jazzy numbers. Oh, it was so good! Broadway is one of THE places I want to see, and this was just a taster, but it definitely made me thirsty for more, more, MORE!!

There are many creative people in this world, and I am glad and proud to be friends with some of them. M and his partner won an award last night for their mech project on which they have been working very hard on for the most of the year. I hear that he has quite a hang over this morning. Another friend with whom I travelled through the 30-something gruelsome hours to France years ago have just released their album, and they sound really good! Bravo for both!

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