Course enrollment

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's course enrollment time, finally, for the papers I'll be taking during my upcoming exchange year in Paris. The system at Sciences Po is that you have a small window of time within which you apply online. For us exchange people, it's from 15h of the 6th Dec to 11h the next day. PARIS TIME. Which, of course, means I have to be ready at the corresponding NZ time, which is why I have set my alarm to just before 3AM! I have just had a quick snooze, but I was so scared that I'd just sleep through the whole thing, that I kept waking up to check the time... It wasn't much of a sleep... I have no idea how it'll be, but since the places into courses are first come, first serve, and I only have a handful of course approvals from which to choose from.. and not all of those approved are being taught this semester/year, just to make things more difficult for me. But quite exciting, isn't it!? Only 5 minutes to go! Wish me luck!

.. I was only able to enrol into 2 of the 6 courses I need for this semester... This means I have to get approvals for the other four, and I don't think we have equivalent courses at my home university... C'est vraiment chiant! :(

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