Last day of 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

I just turned the calendar page to the very last day of year 2010!!!

So many things have happened this year, as usual. Things I don't care to remember, things I have already forgotten, but also things I will definitely treasure for a long time to come.

I ventured on a new academic path with my BA in French, after finally finishing BSc in biomedical science. I kept fit by exercising more, and tried to eat more healthily.

There have been loves, and parties, and lots of good times. Especially so living in a newer environment on the other side of the city centre, with a new Flatmate. Which wasn't all that different considering all the others seemed to have moved with me across the city, but anyhow, the view was different and that made quite an impact on how our lives were run.

I made many new friends, and rekindled old friendships; strengthened the current ongoing ones. There were smiles and laughter, also tears, from happiness, shyness, embarrassment, sadness, foolishness, stress, anger, regret, hope, love, dreams... Sometimes my heart feels like it'll burst with all the love that I can't quite manage to express, it's just too much for me and for you. But gotta share it, gotta share it, right?

Then there were times I couldn't. But I'm working on those as well.

There was a lot of waiting and saving for me in 2010. Waiting for the good news, mostly. Emails from cousins, from the exchange people. Then trying to save as much as possible to let the good news take action, to be able to see my cousins and to spend time in Paris on a year long exchange.

All in all 2010 was an eventful period where new beginnings were made, and preparations for a better 2011. I did most things I had planned to do for the year, at the beginning of 2010, and I am so proud of myself in many ways. For certain, 2011 will be a just as big year for me, if not more. It will start off with a big excitement in the States, where I will be flying to in the first week, and I can't wait!!!

2011, I am ready for you, now!

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