Sorry, Professors, I am just too tired.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I'm back in Auckland. The semester has started again. Since my first lecture of the day is at 4pm - thinking to myself, it is at 4pm, right? yea, it is, all my courses start at 4pm this semester (Actually, most of my Summer work times start from 4pm) - I go for a run towards Mission Bay, my usual course. I see the blue rolling waters weaving and waving in the horizon, and the clear blue sky just above. Looking at the sea always makes me feel so good, so alive. I run so fast. Then worry that I will sweat too much for uni, where am I going to wash up? I don't want to go back home.

At uni, I am currently doing a project under the supervision of a professor. Am I a Masters student already? My project needs a lot of calculations and sitting in front of the computers. Am I back to studying Science? But why is my supervisor a Russian HOD (Head of Department)? I have on my left another professor, this man one of the medical school staff. He goes through my calculations, then tells me I have not put in the working steps, as I should. How can I have forgotten? Oh, no, now I have to do everything all over again! Lots of CDs, presentation slides... I am just so tired!!!! The secretary comes in to ask if we want any drinks. I ask for coffee. I fall forward spreading out on the desk in front of me, exhausted...

I need to get back to sleep..

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