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Friday, January 07, 2011


me: hey karen, do you think watching billy elliot on broadway will be worth it? opinion please!

Karen: YES


me: ok.. lol buying ticket now!

Karen: GOOD
are you buying an advance ticket or a rush ticket?

me: what's the diff?
i'm buying it online for a performance on the 12th


Karen: rush tickets are cheap
but you can only buy them a couple of hours in advance
so you run the risk of missing out


me: so i guess i'm buying an advance ticket?

Karen: yeah

me: i'm buying it off playbill, so still get a bit of discount
it's 85.50 or something incl service charge and all that,
whereas normally it's around 130.
is that a good bargain?

Karen: oh that's pretty good
In Toronto I got a rush ticket for $25

me: can't really be bothered to look elsewhere really.
WOW that's so cheap! what did you go see?

Karen: when actual prices were aout $90
the sound of music

me: oh! that would have been so good!

Karen: yeah
and the set was amazing

me: but i don't have too much time to risk not seeing anything, so..


Karen: yeah that's fair enough

me: i only have 12th 2pm to see anything at all

Karen: oh wow
buy the ticket now

me: i wanted to see the lion king or chicago but they didn't have matinee shows on that day. or any that day at all. yea
i was about to but time expired. lol
hang on

Karen: I have to go anyway - got to pick up some ant poison off a friend - I'll talk to you later yeah? I want to hear all your plans and what you've done so far!

me: ok, thanks, cu!!

-------------------45 minutes----------------------------


Karen: hello again :)
did you buy the ticket?


me: no, some error thing came up..
at the very last step
so hopefully i wasn't charged, but maybe i'll try again tomorrow or something.


Karen: ah that sucks
i'm sure you weren't charged
you using a credit card?

me: yea,
the error thing came up so i backspaced and clicked it once more but the same error came up. it said to ring this number but it's not a 24 h one, so i just sent them an email. i'm pretty sure i won't be charged though.. twice... right?! lol


Karen: I doubt it
they'd have a confirmation page thing if you were charged

me: yea.
i googled it and it said that there aren't any 'best seats' in the theatre, most seats seem to be fine, so hopefully i'll be able to get a good one. it's a matinee show so not many people may go, and get sold out, whatever, yea.


Karen: I'm sure it'll be fine :)
so where are you now?

me: i'm in irvine, the oc.
i got here this afternoon, and will be leaving after tomorrow night, to fullerton
for a day, then back to la
until the 11th, when i leave for nyc


Karen: oh nice!
so what have you been up to?

me: ok, so
went up to auckland really early, too early, with a 7 hour gap til my international flight
transit in nadi, fiji, where we were welcomed by a warm evening breeze and so many birds like in the hitchcock movie
the ten hour flight between fiji and la was so bumpy,
but by then i was used to it, though at times i still had to hold onto both the armrests on either side of me
didn't help that i got really motion sick, so had some pills, some wine
didn't really get to sleep much, but finally i landed in lax
got out of the customs, about an hour later, worrying that my cousins would be worried i didn't come out
found them after a bit, an emotional reunion, since this was our first time meeting in person!
they showed me around the tourist sites after first doing a taste of the food trucks, had my first american tacos..


Karen: did the tacos have sliced beef in them or mince?

me: took photos of the hollywood sign, the star walk of fame, got the vivien leigh one, went to the chinese theatre and did the whole handprint thing..

Karen: kind of random..

me: the tacos i had rib pork, but there were also beed, pork and chicken as well

Karen: ah yup - someonehad told me that tacos weren't supposed to have mince in them and that the US did better tacos than s'pore
sorry for the digression..

me: went to the rodeo drive, sunset ave?!, went to the hotel where richard gere stayed with julia roberts in pretty woman

Karen: coo :)

me: there are tacos here everywhere

Karen: did you reenact any of the movie?
try to snap someone's fingers in a jewellery box?


me: no, lol, will do in nyc though, the whole bfast at tiffany's thing

Karen: awesome :)
NYC has a whole diamond area thing
like a street full of diamond shops

me: which is the jewellery box movie?
oh, real!?

Karen: pretty woman

me: oh. lol. don't remember that part


Karen: when julia roberts is getting fancied up

me: oh yea, with the necklace?!

Karen: yeah I think it was a necklace


me: nah, didn't get to touch any jewellery boxes, lol
for dinner they took me to a really nice pub like burger place called Father's Office. think it was my first real hamburger, and it was so nice, and gave them extra points for not making it full of greens in strips that fall out or fly everwhere.. i hate eating to have the other end just fall to the plate, and getting my fingers covered in sauce.
we were pretty tired by this time, but decided to watch a movie anyways.
saw black swan starring natalie portman, woke us right up, it was incredibly good, i really really recommend it! good story, good acting, good visuals, everything!
because i really like natalie portman and i really like ballet dance, it was perfect :)
had an awesome night's sleep, too
not too much jet lags i don't think
then today did a tour of uc irvine by myself.

Karen: :)
I really want to see black swan

me: you must you must

Karen: I wil!
It's good you don't have jetlag
especially if you didn't sleep on the plane

me: yea, i'm always a little tired but not too much from the jetlag as opposed to travelling, you know, sightseeing and walking heaps.

Karen: yeah for sure
walking around a city all day is super tiring
hope you've got good shoes :P


me: yea, had to leave behind all my heels because the 20kg limit, been walking in my chucks and its pretty solid.
california is really warm
like, warmer than an average christchurch day. in summer.


Karen: nice
it's really spread out right?
like you have to drive everywhere?

me: yea, definitely

Karen: have you been to the beach?

me: driving here's quite weird.
not yet, but will go to newport tomorrow and venice beach on saturday
maybe santa monica, too, or disneyland or universal. haven't decided yet

Karen: oh cool
how long are you there for?

me: in la? until the 11th.
this is so going on my blog post. can i? do you mind? lol

Karen: haha sure..

me: cool thanks ;)

Karen: so you don't have to type it all out twice?

me: nope, lol, i'll just copy and paste.
i'll catch up with you later? i'm knackered, time to sleep

Karen: ok
sleep well!!

me: goodnight!!

Karen: night :)
Also saw CLIFF CURTIS at the movies when my cousins and I were walking into buy tickets for 'Black Swan'! I remember looking up at him, thinking, 'He looks familiar. He looks Maori. He's really tall.' LOL!! What are the chances that the first celebrity I sight is a KIWI! So cool!

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