Child minders

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Second week in Paris, second week of child minding job.
Once a week I go to the British Embassy for my boys' English lessons. There are so many children, with their Mums and Dads... and also their babysitters, like me. Mostly I know them by sight because they are young, and most of them seem to be Americans. Makes me think of the "Nanny diaries" all the time !

Also this morning, I went to the Musée Rodin with a fellow Auckland Uni friend S. It was good that I got free entry because I have a student visa here; and I am under 26. Yay ! This was my first time meeting S in person, because we met through a mutual French friend who helped us with our French in Auckland last year. We had a great time taking photos and shopping, and it was so funny to realise how similar our tastes in clothes and hobbies and experiences were ! Dancing, piano, and a summer stint at the Muffin Break were some of them. How funny ! I was almost late for work afterwards because of the shopping, but I am glad we had a good time together and hope she has the best last days in Europe before she returns to the good ole Aotearoa :)

At Sciences Po I have met an American girl D who has similar music tastes as me, so we are going to an Iron and Wine concert together !!! Cool !!!

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