I have a new home

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have a job and a new home !
I start the job this afternoon, just getting to know what I have to do. My room is only 10m2, but it's cute and clean, and the best of all, IT'S ALL MINE!!! :)

Haven't met the next door neighbour yet, with whom I share the toilet, but I hope I will soon. It's kind of awkward how I am going to go about it, because I hear him coming in and out, then to and from the toilet.. :p

Orientation week has also started, so I am being bombarded with too much information all at once.. My head is spinning with it all, trying to process everything. So much to do, so much to see !!

Okay, So I have an hour to find something to eat, and then find my next room for another class...
I am starving !

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  1. wahhaa.. have you met that guy yet? is he a hot dude? you gonna be like, hey i'm the neighbour who uses the toilet too! hahaha

  2. lol M,
    actually, I think it's a girl that lives next door and the guy is just the boyfriend.. not too sure at the moment. everyone's been telling my not to count on meeting the neighbours any time soon, which is probably true, i never got to meet any of my neighbours in auckland either...


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