Je me suis arrivée !

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Je suis à Paris tout le monde !

The flight was quite comfortable, being able to stretch out, but too long, with babies on each side who took turns to cry and scream, lol.

The train trip to Paris from the Charles de Gaulle Airport was a bit of a mission, starting with a guy who tried to help me but I thought he shouldn't be trusted, I thought he was just playing with me because I clearly wasn't familiar with the Paris metro system! But after this glitch I got on well,  lugging my two heavy bags up and down stairs through two transfers until my final destination in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.. The Metro does not have neither escalators nor lifts for travellers like moi. :(

E and her bf A are taking good care of me.

My first meal in France was at a crêperie, where I had a galette and ice cream with sweet cider. Afterwards we went to Notre Dame Cathedral, where I couldn't stop awing at the grandness of the size and its charming old beauty. Good thing Paris today is not cold at all, and the weather was fine-ish.

I now also have a phone no, with the Orange network! After our afternoon outing I was so exhausted I had to knock out for a few hours, but little by little I am getting ready to start my Parisian life, with the help of my French friends.

Wish me bonne chance and bonne courage, mes amis!

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