Finally the weekend !

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Finally finished the first proper week of classes,
there are few that I am not so sure about,
for example I got the biggest shock in the Spanish class yesterday,
even though it was at the right level for me, or was meant to be,
I could hardly keep up with the teacher's talking speed, and if that wasn't bad enough,
by the fellow students as well, who seemed to understand most of what was going on and reply back fluently. I will need to work very hard in this class !

On the other hand, today's classes were fairly easy, good thing too since it's Friday.

The health/social sciences class in the morning was just basic biology again, but in French,
it's funny because the course structure is pretty much the same as in Auckland,
many different lecturers over the weeks, and them presenting their works in front of a PowerPoint presentation, LOL ! It was a pretty easy and boring class, which was a very nice change, for once. In addition, it's a smallish class as well, so a bonus :)

My other class today was on Australian cultures, in English, and I wondered how it would be for me being a Kiwi, but actually, there are 4 Australians in the class, which was funny and provided interesting perspectives when discussing different topics. I think I will quite enjoy this class !

I am so ready for the weekend. I need to get some rest. TGIF !

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