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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seems there is a cold virus going around at uni. You can hear coughs everywhere. I am no exception. The most likely culprit is the weather, which has been getting colder again. I’m helping the spreading of the virus though. It started with only a sore throat, then a runny nose; now it’s blocked. I have a headache and I can’t breathe or swallow easily. Got woken up at 4.30am this morning and now I can’t go back to sleep. Am typing in the dark at 6am, after several obviously failed attempts at going back to dreamland. As if I don’t already suffer from lack of sleep, the cause of a sudden amount of reading materials for lectures pounded upon us this week. I am so lucky I have these two weeks off work, because it’s the school holidays for the children at the moment.

I really hope B, who is visiting from Germany for the weekend, doesn’t catch this wretched condition from me, though I am not sure how she will dodge past it in the teeny tiny room that I call my Paris studio. My ex flatmate R also visited Paris for the weekend last week, but he was having too much fun apparently to call on me to have a catch up, as he had originally promised. Argh, you :p!

Valentine’s Day in France at the beginning of this week was not such a commercially hyped up event as in the other Western countries. Obviously there were the chocolates, the lovely chocolates, and the flower shops with their multi coloured roses, but they were not in you face. I found the heart shaped baguettes really cute, though; very French! On this night I went to watch a French comedy at the cinemas with the French language class. My first French film cinema experience in Paris – the last time had been 5 years ago, when I watched the second (third?) Harry Potter movie, with French dubbing!! Cringe!

Wednesday night I had the chance to go see a Kiwi band the Phoenix Foundation play, at this well known concert venue in the 20th. It was a good atmosphere, with what seemed like most of the Kiwi population in Paris having come to cheer them on, and have a good time. There were three other bands, another Kiwi, one French, and a San Fran. The first two were good, the French band was really good, but didn’t like the last one. Too much noise and no real melody…

Last night I had M over for a night snack. My first hosting experience in my tiny flat. Was meant to be dinner, but was deemed too late for a full meal (10pm ;)), so we just had a few glasses of wine and sweet brownies. It was awesome catching up with her and especially being told that my French had improved, that it’s coming out more easily and flowingly now. JJJ !!! She was the first person to have had contact with me when I came to Paris, so it was a really good compliment and a confidence booster to hear her comment. Got to keep up the pace!

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Wow. A weekend full of more sight seeing awaits. I am really looking forward to visiting the richest district of Paris, the 4th, in which tasting the most delicious ice cream in the city will be a priority, and also seeing the Palace of Versailles. I hope the weather will be nice!! 

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