Goal of the week - 21-27/03/11

Monday, March 21, 2011

I have hardly cooked at all these days, ever since the bakings I did for the past few weeks. I found out today that the carrots I'd bought a week ago have turned mouldy. Drat.

Goal of the week is to get more sleep, and to cook at least once a week.

It's 4am. I have finally finished one homework. Still one other to do before I get to sleep a bit before my 10am meeting with my partner for this week's presentation on Thursday...

Oh, by the way, today was so beautiful and sunny in the early afternoon, so I got to climb the Eiffel Tower, finally! Paid in advance so wouldn't have to wait in the extremely long lines - the tourist season is definitely starting in Paris - and in no time we were at the top. However, due to the fine weather conditions, it was quite hard to get good photos because the sun was too bright in the background. Climbed down the stairs from the first platform onwards, it was no sweat, I would like to come down from the top next time, just couldn't find the staircase from up there. Climbing up would be another question altogether... :)

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