Sunny sunny day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The first properly sunny day in Paris, like, warm enough to be in short sleeves all day.

Don't know why I was falling asleep in lectures today, it is unusual for me to do so in Paris, because normally I need to give my best attention to what's going on in class, since:
a. it's in French, or
b. it's a small class so you stand out if you're dosing.
I actually went to sleep last night, so it was strange... maybe I am still sleep deprived.

To celebrate - what?! the nice weather?! being not sick anymore?! anything!! - I went to a new patisserie and bought two desserts. There are too many kinds to ever go through them all.. and too expensive, unfortunately, but I felt I should today. Will try to make them last though... hopefully! :)

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  1. Jeffrey Ho who is studying in auckland uni no more :(25 March 2011 at 17:39

    Hey this is Jeff I randomly saw your post in fb so here i am

    just want to say hi, with a bit of jealousy on your relaxing study life. yea i kinda miss those life that you get up go to lecture then hang out in coffee shop in mid day, do a bit of cooking in dinner and then go clubbing :o

    anyway, hope you enjoy your life in paris!

  2. Hey Jeff! How's it going!
    Er, I guess from the above post I was having a relaxing day. Yea, you're right, I am so lucky! :) Except last week, when I was a walking zombie due to lack of sleep.. haha
    Things are brightening up in Paris because of the sun, I feel much better being here.
    Hope everything is going well for you too!


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