April - No sleep month

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April has on the whole been a sleepless month.
I think I got an average of 4 hours a night... or more precisely early mornings...
It's not that I partied hard. On the contrary, I don't think I have been partying much at all. I wish that had been the reason, but no, it was because for some reason all our tests and presentations and essays and reports and, yes, you get the picture, were all happening this month. Oh, and I went on a trip and will go on another this weekend and I met up with friends to see and eat and shop and talk and laugh in Paris... So it wasn't all bad. This week I am reading, emailing, studying, as well as sleeping, in my bed. I wish I could sleep for a few months.. I would love to, but no matter how late I go to sleep, my eyes unfailingly open before midday, most of the time around 8-9am. I had 3h 1/2 sleep last night... :( :( :(

But hey, these sleepless nights are the ones one remembers, right?! yea...

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