Deflated excitement

Friday, April 22, 2011

Been trying to get everything finished by tonight, so I can enjoy my weekend in Menton, Nice, Monaco, 4 nights of fun!

They have been hot, stressed, sleepless nights...

...When I realised that I didn't know the meeting place for the trip, having received no emails whatsoever.
Strange. I asked a friend who was also going, and she kindly forwarded the emails to me. Nope, my email wasn't on the list, so it wasn't that I had mistakenly deleted the messages.

Could it be...?!!

Yes it could. Even though I had paid, as is clearly stated on my bank account, somehow my name had not been added on the very limited list..

I thought I had been one of the lucky group of twenty to see the South of France, but it looks like I have to unpack everything... Yea, I had already packed everything, ready for the adventure, you see :(

Tant pis. I guess it leaves me more time to finish my assignments and presentation.. Maybe even a bit of snooze... :(:(:(

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