Fab weekend in Poitou-Charente: Ile de Ré, La Rochelle, Angoulins

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ile de Ré bike ride was so nice... even though I am not a very confident biker at all, and so I had to keep hard at work to try to keep up... plus the weather was awesomely wonderful that it was so hot! Luckily we had little breaks here and there, to enjoy the beautiful view. This was my second time on the island, but since the first time was in Winter, even though then it was a fine day as well, I enjoyed the trip in a new light :)

At the beach we got changed into our togs. On the beach. No cabins or toilets or sheds or whatever. The French style is to pretty much just strip down. Why even bother with the togs then, I wonder. Actually we got changed under the cover of our large beach towels, but D the Costa Rican and I still found it a bit awkward. lol. Better get used to it soon, though, since the sunny days are coming. Oh, but the water was still so so so cold!! It was freezing!!! I spent most of the time trying to get a tan, but I am still pale as. I still shine in the sun... drat...

At the end of the day I think everyone was all a bit tired. We stopped by a cafe before getting out of the island and going home. The sun setting over all these boats was so nice. Actually, after this final rest we still had a while to go to get to our cars, but bon... ;p

On the night of the second day of my trip, I met up with a high school friend of mine in La Rochelle. I had dinner at her place with her parents which was nice, and afterwards we went into town to get a drink and to catch up. It is so nice to have friends all over the globe and to be able to meet them in the old and the new places :)

I was sad to leave my French house in the South West of France this morning. Of course, I hope to go back soon, perhaps when the weather gets better. Apparently the cherry season starts late May/early June... very tempting... haha.

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