It's Friday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Typical dinner at home :)

Afternoon tea on a Friday with friends
So. Had no classes today, and didn't go to the two tutorials in the morning... I'm writing up an essay instead, which I hope to finish by tonight.. Hopefully before midnight...

On Wednesday at my new fav cafe D and I made a list of things we still wanted to do before the first half of the year. Going to eat cheesecakes at Berko near Pompidou was one of them, so that's where we headed today. Think we could have just shared one between us... Plus, I also had to have a cupcake!

Also, earlier this week, the two pieces of clothing I had ordered from ASOS came via post. I had bought a pair of exercise shorts and a summer dress. I love the shorts and it's to motivate myself to start exercising, because my body really needs it right now, especially since I am having too many sweet things like the cheesecakes... I'll start next week.. On the other hand the dress wasn't as I had imagined it to be, so I am returning it. Will just go op shopping. I like it better, and it's also cheaper, haha.

Tired, but happy,
Viv xx

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