Wedding bells

Monday, April 18, 2011

Seems like everyone I know are getting married this year!

Have just heard the news of two other people who have tied the knot recently, as well as T who got married this week, and M a couple of months ago... That's, like, one wedding a month on average! Talks of more to come, more engagements, more babies, too... What's going on?!!! Have everyone timed their special days with the same year the Royal wedding is on?!

I feel I am still quite young to get married, myself, or not ready, more likely... Apparently not my friends, some of whom are even younger than I am.

Even my parents have started talking about what kind of future son-in-law they would like to have... OMG. lol.

That's worse than my grandma, who had already started on the topic two years ago! A few more years, Gran!! Let me finish my studies first. Then get a job. Maybe travel a bit. Yes, I know the twenties are when women in general are in their prime, the Golden time as you say... Oh, if I miss it, it'll quickly be down hill from here on in, to the Silver, and finally the Shit times?! Thanks Gran. No, he's not my boyfriend, just a guy who's a good friend of mine. No, not him, either, he already has a girlfriend, etc etc.


... why can't this essay write itself... sigh...

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