Hi, it's been a long time!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Just remembered that I had had several dreams last night!
Which is kinda cool, because I'd missed having all these weird dreams ever since I've been in Paris.

I think I must have had around three dreams last night,,, I was kind of dosing in and out all night, really.

I remember waking up from one pleasantly surprised at the realisation that I'd just woken up from a dream. My sister was in it, and B. B was eating at a table... Sis on a seesaw?!

Damn, should have written it down while I could still remember... Though as I was trying to register it into my mind for this morning I was already forgetting it, it was already too hazy for me to grasp into concrete images.

Any ways, wasn't really in the state of mind to be getting up to reach for my pen and paper last night, lol.

But welcome back, my dreams. Maybe I'll get to see more of your crazy episodes from now on ;)

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