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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I can't breathe! This wretched coughing fits! I don't think I've been ever like this as I have in Paris, going from one condition to the next of coughing and sneezing and cold and hot, suffering! Now I know how Sis must have felt (she's the one who was always sick in our family)..


Dreamt of B again. Why do you keep appearing?! You were in an ice skating suit, all bling bling, lol.
A and I both wanted the same thing, but I liked it first, and I could not let it go, even if to a friend. I felt that's how I have been all my life, but not this time, I could not bear it, wanted to take my chances. Thought this time I'd be lucky..

I'm in a backyard forest, all gold and yellow and red and orange and brown with fallen leaves and almost bare trees like in a late autumn day. The weather is late-summer fine. B and I are spying over the fence close to where we are standing. There's a hole below on the fence through which we look. On the other side lives a man who owns the green lush land beyond, and we're contemplating if we should trespass or not..

Running, running, running...

No wonder I was still tired when I got up..
Missed H's text message again... Sorry, honey, I must have been too busy dreaming.. ;p

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