It's May already!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Can't believe it's May already. I have been in France for almost five months already!?!! That's a scary thought... I am already half way through my year! Yikes!

To celebrate the first day of May, I lazed around in my room. Actually, it was also because I had had late nights on the weekend, going out every night and meeting new French people, which was awesome.

With a new month, there should be a new resolution. The same old 'new' resolution, to time manage better and study harder, rah rah rah, since the exams are coming up... Next week, in fact... ARGH!!

Yesterday I spent the whole day in my pjs in bed, watching series online.
Today I have done my grocery, so there's food again in the fridge, got all the rubbish out that were cluttering the room, taking too much space..

With the intent to get fit again, I also bought myself a skipping rope, since I forgot to bring mine from home. It's one of those things I take everywhere I move, but which I never actually get to use. Unfortunately, it's drizzling in Paris today, so I will have to wait until I try it out... Tant pis :p

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