Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling unbelievably sad and lost, after D and S have gone. Who am I going to explore Paris and its food and culture beauties with, now?! Their house was my second home, but now I have no where to go. All those late nights together, crazy episodes in the arrondissements of Paris and beyond, dodging crazy people, spying space invaders, going gaga over French pastries...

We still hadn't finished all the things we wanted to do on our list! I guess I will have to do them without you, now...

I came back home this morning after seeing you off and I felt incredibly empty, like I didn't know what to do any more. I think I drank more than I realised last night, too, and with the small claustrophobic attacks I had all night wedged in between Q and D, I was feeling rather tired and zoned out...

It's a little surprising that I felt this way, because normally I am not so affected by goodbyes. It made me realise just how special our friendship had been for me, the first forged in this lovely city. I miss you already, but I know I will see you again very soon, so I am not going to be so sad any more.

When we meet again I am going to be so fluent in French, you will be so jealous, ;)

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