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Friday, June 10, 2011

Your moods can change according to what you put in your mouth, sometimes. Also by how much you eat. But here are some of the things that can make you happier..

  • Milk -
    I don't remember liking milk particularly as a child. Perhaps if I had, I would have grown taller than I am now, lol. I grew to love milk after I finished growing, though. During the high school years, I used to have milk three times or more a day. It's often my preferred replacement for water, which I feel has no taste at all, and thus I am not really partial to. In NZ I drink the yellow top, which is skimmed milk with extra calcium. I love that in France dairy products are much cheaper, and I drink bio skimmed. I also love soy milk, but usually it's as a treat to myself.
  • Chocolate -
    I prefer dark. Or hazelnut, like Nutella. I have a sweet tooth, so sweet things are almost always welcome, though I dislike the sweet after taste they leave behind. For this reason I don't really like having too much, especially cream based ice creams... On the other hand, I am definitely a chocolate person than a candy person. It's one of the questions I frequently ask people, along with if they are a dog or a cat person.. I am a dog person, but most of the people around me seem to prefer cats, more..
  • Rice/bread/noodle/pasta -
    I like these wholemeal or mixed grains. Rice is so good whenever, though I am not Asian enough to have it for breakfast, normally. Living is France is like being in a bread heaven, with its lovely pastries and baguettes.. I love pain au chocolat and croissants aux amandes.. I don't eat noodles if I can help it, I always chose another alternative as a child, because I was too scared to choke on them.. because I frequently did.. Now I am more comfortable with them, though. I like pasta, but not really those tomato based sauces..
  • Salmon -
    Or tuna. More often tuna, but these are probably my trusty alternatives to meat, which I don't buy very often.
  • Bananas -
    My go to snack fruit, because it's easy to peel and to eat.
  • Spinach -
    My favourite green leaves for salads, sandwiches, pasta, wherever, whenever. 
  • Blueberries -
    I always have a bag of frozen berries in my fridge. Blueberries make you feel so special, they are tasty and looks so good, and fun. In Summer I love picking cherries and eating them, but they have pits which can be annoying when cooking, such as when baking clafoutis. But blueberries can be added to your pancakes, or porridge, or blueberry crumbles.. with a scoop of ice cream/cream... yum..
  • Beans -
    At the moment I am into long green peas. I am learning to take more interest in the different types of fresh produce, like I just recently discovered little red radishes, and am eating them all the time. Next I would like to try artichokes and endives, things I am not used to seeing in NZ and have never tried cooking with by myself. In France I also found a brand of canned tiny peas that are really sweet which I am really liking at the moment. I find canned food easier to work with, for now.
  • Nuts -
    Another power food, that is also convenient to carry around in your bag as snacks. I usually buy a huge bag of mixed nuts, usually with dried fruits as well. My favourite nuts are cashew nuts. 
  • Coffee -
    It was only after university that I started really drinking coffee. My parents, especially my Dad, love it, and has a cup after every dinner. As a child I thought it was so grown up and used to ask for a sip, but Mum usually wouldn't let me because it's not good for children. At university, students often drink coffee as a perk up to the start of the day, or at night to stay up to study... For me, at first it was too powerful, and I used to get nauseous, but gradually I got used to it. As I started working in cafes from the first Summer onwards, and learnt to make and serve coffees, I learnt more about them, though I am still ignorant when it comes to the different kinds of beans and where they come from. I love going to cafes and chatting away with friends, trying new drinks and foods, or even to study in a quiet corner, for hours at a time. Nowadays I drink tea more, especially at home, which is another interesting past time, trying all the different leaves. And wine, too, of course, being in France...

I love food. I love trying out new and different things to eat. It's definitely not a cheap hobby to have, lol, but it's so fun! I dream of having a cosy but well equipped kitchen one day, where I can try out new recipes, and entertain friends during animated evenings... :)

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