Hot hot hottttttt!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The weekend in Lyon was awesome, with cool Couchsurfing hosts and fellow travellers. I am seriously considering moving there !

The weekend was the start of some serious heat though, and I am dying, melting in my own pools of sweat in my room. I cannot go out. It's too tiring. Would love to be under the cool streams of the shower booth all day, if I could. Thankfully babysitting today got cancelled, thank goodness!!

Last night, I find it really difficult to fall asleep, couldn't even get in the covers of the bed, ..

Really not used to this kind of heat, I am a Chch girl.. I can only keep washing my hands every so often, and sipping cold water. Don't want to think about how much worse it'll be in Spain next month... Argh..

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