One Saturday

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Went to Chartres to see the famous Cathedral today.

Bought tickets at the train station. Since I didn't want to spend the whole day there, I thought two hours would be enough, but by mistake I'd bought two consecutive trains. So I arrived at 1.30pm and needed to leave the next hour with the  2.30pm train. Lucky the station wasn't far from the Church ! 

On the way to the town, though, there was a police check on the train. What luck. I gave them my visa and passport photocopies, but they wanted to see the real thing. I didn't have it with me, that's why I carry the photocopies around, so I won't lose my real passport.. Luckily they let me off with a warning, saying next time they'll take me to the police station... Okay... It's the first thing I did after I came back home, put my passport in my bag. Lesson learnt.

Q recommended me a nice tarte tatin place in Chartres, but due to the limited time I had, I found it but then had to leave, lol.

It's been pouring on and off all day. Fortunately it stopped while I was touring around Chartres, but when I was looking around the Marais district back in Paris... I was lucky I remembered to bring my umbrella just in case. 

The Victor Hugo apartment was nice. The rooms had a nice feeling about them, and I liked the mirror Victor had painted for his grandson. Such a talented man ! Outside the apartments they were offering free massages so I got mine. It was so relaxing, I love getting massages. On the way back home my feet got very wet, but I still managed to find four new Space Invaders. I'm on a roll these days :)

Got a headache, though, so am going to sleep early tonight.

Hopefully tomorrow will be just as eventful. In plan tomorrow: morning market, church, Korean market in Paris ! :)

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