Rainy day activity

Saturday, June 18, 2011

First of all,


It's my Mum's birthday today. Well, yesterday her time. I am sorry for not being to celebrate with her in person, but I am sure Papa did his best to make her night :)

Paris is suffering from the blue storm of wetness and so...
I spent the day in my room, again. To pass time, I made a little banner from magazine pages; finished reading the French book my boy M let me borrow because he liked reading it so much; finished reading a Spanish book I borrowed from the younger boy A; wrote emails to friends; finished the Rubik's cube, but since I just followed instructions on a website, it doesn't really count. Whoever wrote them up must be a genius. I wouldn't have gotten it in a million years! I will try to solve it on my own, soon. It's a lot of turning here and there 90 degrees and then once in a while in 180 degrees as well... There must be a mathematical pattern to it, I'm sure!!!

I have been listening to Regina Spektor all day. She is amazingly talented.

I hope the weather will be better tomorrow, I want to go on a day trip to Chartres, a medieval town an hour's train ride from Paris, famous for its Cathedral.

Bon weekend tout le monde :)

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