Space Invaders!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

One of my favourite past times in Europe is to hunt for Space Invaders, those mosaic artworks up on the walls of the buildings that you probably see once in a while, without giving them much thought...

Until you open your eyes up into the world of Space Invaders, and then you start searching for them wherever you go, eyes up :)

These public art displays are the works of one lone Parisian artist, who likes to remain low key, and discretely wanders the streets at night...

In Paris, alone, there are now 1000 of the Invader's creations, and I have seen others in Cannes, Nice, Amsterdam, Lyon, ...They are really everywhere! He sure has travelled a lot!

So here are a few that I spotted on the way to the exhibition currently held in Paris until this weekend.

Then the photos from the actual exhibition :

Space Invader Waffle Maker

The 1000th!!

This way

Point system. I bought the Paris map of Space Invaders :)

So many...

After the exhibition, on looking back after coming outside, I was farewelled by a Space Invader looking out the building, and greeted by another just across the street.

It's this place, La Générale. Totally should get yourself here before it ends, if you happen to be in town!!

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