the Washing machine and I

Friday, June 24, 2011

In Paris I do not own my own washing machine, so I have to go to the laundrette on my street to do my washing. Luckily it's close to my place, but the annoying thing about laundrettes is that you never know if the clothes actually come out clean or not. Sometimes I think they've just been spinning, spinning, and yes, in 'soapy' water, but the whites are not quite whites.. Maybe I should try changing detergents? Another thing is that they dryers never properly dry. It comes out hot, but as soon as the clothes hit colder air, they become moist again, so I end up having to air dry again in my room. Such a waste of money, especially when the prices for washing and drying seems to go up every two or such months. It started at a reasonable price at the beginning of the year, but since then has gone up twice. I hope it's just for the tourist season, and will go down again soon, or at least not go up any higher. Already I am finding myself making less and less trips, meaning I am wearing my clothes for longer periods before washing them, and getting an urge to go shopping so I have more clean clothes to rotate around in. Not helping that the Soldes period has started again, either. But shopping is something I cannot really afford right now, nor can I hand wash and air dry everything in my small studio. The dilemma...

It is a much easier relationship when you have your own machine to work with, or when there's more space in which to dry your clothes on a proper drying rack. Way more economical. Or when you have someone else who does it for you, eg a flatmate or your Mum, haha. 

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