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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Every time people ask me how I like Paris, I tell them it's an amazing experience being able to call this city home for the year, where others only dream of coming once in their lives. Seeing the revered Eiffel Tower everyday, until it is now so common that I don't feel so awed by it any more; going to the Louvre during my lunch break, just because I can, because it's so near and it's also free for me. 

I'm not trying to make people jealous, it's the truth. But, sometimes, they also ask me what my favourite places in Paris are, such as museums. Now, I do have a favourite café, even if I don't have a favourite French food, which would be too difficult to decide. The café is not too French, either, though. I prefer Ladurée over Pierre Hermé, as well, for example. But I didn't have a particular museum that I liked, thus far. I liked the d'Orsay, le Louvre, sure... 

But now I have found a favourite museum! Les musées des Arts Décoratifs (, de mode et textile, de publicité). So, okay, actually it's a collection of museums. Which explains why I've been getting so lost inside! I've already visited it twice this week, and I still haven't seen all of it. I am sure to be going back sometime soon. Just found out that the audioguides are free, oh, only if I had known! Now I have to go through everything again, more slowly, so I can actually understand the meanings and significances behind each work. 

I love how the museum covers everything that interests me, the arts, the interior, furniture, toys, history, fashion, media, etc, and it's interesting for children as well as adults. The first time I came here was actually for the children that I am looking after, because they had a workshop session here, it being the school holidays for them now. After taking the bus with them (for the first time !) and dropping off at the museum, they came out two hours later with their metal jewellery brooch artwork. So cute ! 

A view from a window
The museum guards are more pleasant here than in the other places, I think. It's definitely less crowded than Louvre, but so close. Plus, the view from the windows here, of the Tuileries gardens and the Eiffel Tower, etc, is so surprisingly good here. I love !

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