Frat parties on the 7th floor

Monday, July 11, 2011

V and I are room mates in a studio on the attic floor of a building. In our home under the slanting rooftop, the floors are wooden, and we have a vintage stove set, from which V has her single bed and I have mine on the other side of the room. Our next door neighbour on the left side are two French guys, one tall dark curly haired guy that kind of reminds me of one of my previous CouchSurfing hosts, or could just be one of the other acquaintances somewhere else, and his friend, friendly and easy going.

One weekend night I find that all the other neighbours on my floor have changed, since it's the start of a new school year. Mostly guys, but who knows, there are so many of them, loud and crazy in full party mode, like one massive frat party on the floor. These random guys barge into my studio trying to take some chairs. Oh no, you don't! They get angry at me for being a bad sport, but I don't care, I love my chairs, and they are not going to take them, I may never see those chairs again, like my map book. Where is V, anyway?! Partying with the rest of them.. lol.

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