Mariage Frères

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Had an afternoon tea, sort of, at this tea place after visiting my favourite museum. Had a "de l'Opéra" tea with a madeleine and a scone. The vanilla based tea was wonderful. The scone was nice but too crumbly, and madeleing was good, but nothing beats the pistache one from la Grande Epicerie. 

This company was created by two brothers with the last name Mariage, thus the name, the Mariage Brothers. Apparently there are over 500 varieties of tea served. I can believe that. 

Spent hours here, just drinking and eating and drawing in my notebook, by myself. It was good, though I think the waiters must have wondered when I was going to leave, haha. Oh, the waiters here are all male and quite the lookers ! But, no, that is not the only reason I lingered around.. ;)

I really want to take a tin with me when I go back home. I would love to try as many tea here as possible, but it's just so expensive :(

Going over to their website to learn more about them...

*After note. I did not realise this before, but the two 'jams' served with the scone must have been actually tea jellies, invented by the company. I should have paid more attention..

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