Saturday, July 09, 2011


Brief wake up, contemplating whether I should call D now, since it's evening time her time and she would have returned from work by now... Sorry, I am still too tired. Back to sleep.

Get up, but this doesn't mean much since my bedside table is my desk, and the bed my seat. On the laptop, eating breakfast.. Cold rice soup. For some reason, the microwave stops to have the ability to heat, though it still 'works'. Is it time for a new one? Will wait to find out.

Call Mum and Sis. They are both tired and ready for bed, so the conversations are kept short. I miss them. 

Reading e-articles, stretching, chatting on FB, making weekend plans. Going to go visit more museums and gardens on my list, which never seems to shorten. Baklavas and black tea for lunch.. 
Contemplating if I should go on more out of town trips next week... Need to check out the SNCF website.

The room needs a bit of a clean. Too much clutter. Start with the laundry, then will work through the list, the kitchen, the floor, the mirror, etc. 

Waiting for the 3pm registration madness... Within 5 minutes, it will be decided if my future plans need to be altered drastically, or, hopefully, not. In the least, whether I will have to do another year when back in Aotearoa, instead of just one semester. In which case, I will be very unhappy.

The registration went well, surprisingly so than last semester's. I actually got all the courses I had wanted !
However, I must still wait for confirmation from my home university to tell me that these classes will be actually credited back once I return... Please!!!

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