Living below the line

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

On Aug 22 - 26 there is a campaign to live below the poverty line, which in NZ is NZ$2.25 a day, or NZ$11.25 for the week.

That, in Euros, would be around a little more than 1€ a day.

Challenging, but I think I would like to try !

So, here is my shopping list for the week:

  • milk - 1,4€
  • 1 baguette - 1€
  • salad - 1,85€
  • tomatoes - 2,2€/kg ~1,24€ for 4
  • 1 can of tuna - 1,49€
  • tap water - free
Oh my goodness, that's not a lot at all ! I hope I will be able to last... Lucky the classes won't have started then, still, haha...

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