Silent times

Sunday, August 21, 2011

After having spent two weeks with my parents, never far from my sides, as the three of us travelled around Western Europe together, seeing sights, eating local foods, sleeping in the same rooms, it feels very very quiet now that I am left by myself again.

During the two weeks - exactly two weeks - my parents and I got to see a bit of Rome, Pompeii and the Southern Coast of Italy, Florence, Berlin, Dijon, London, and a tout petit de Paris. Not enough time, seriously. Especially in Paris, where there are so many places I had wanted to show them, like all my favourite places to walk, and eye shop, buy bread, macarons, cafes, etc, etc...

It was a new experience for all of us, since this had been their first time in Western Europe, and our first time travelling as a family (minus Little Sis, who couldn't join us, and for which we felt a bit guilty..) in ten years! Also as I had not been living with them for 5 years now, and NEVER is such close proximities, squeezed in my tiny 10 metres squared room in Paris, for example, it was certainly a time for some serious family bonding.

It was lovely. Nice. Hot. Sometimes almost annoying. Haha.

My favourite city was Rome, mainly because it was the first city and we stayed there the longest, thus saw the most. I really liked the Vatican city within it, I fell in awe of Michelangelo and his Piety work. Also Raphael and his beautiful colours. Pompeii was amazing, I had wanted to go since I was eight, and I was sad not to be able to explore it for longer. I would love to go back to London the next chance I got, because I feel that there were a lot that I missed.

After I saw them off at the Orly airport, I came back to my place, feeling tired, but unable to sleep. Talked to A on the phone for a while. Must ring up D this weekend.

There are two weeks left to the Summer, until the new semester starts. Originally I had been meaning to go on a pilgrimage to Compostela de Santiago in Spain, but after much regret, decided it wasn't the right time to go. Would love to go somewhere else though, even if for a day. Perhaps north of Paris, or back to La Rochelle for a while?

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