Back into room

Thursday, September 08, 2011

So the last three days I have been getting out of my bed and out the doors early in the morning, only to come back after 10pm, while my room was being renovated. Though quite clean, I slept in a dusty bed, in a room filled with fresh paint smell.

So worth it.

My room is so white now, so much whiter than before, thanks to new walls and a newly painted ceiling, plus the shower booth wall that had been cracking has now been fixed. Soon will come the curtains, the new microwave/oven, and I will also get my mirror back.

The only problem now is how I should redecorate the room. I'm thinking minimalistic, but it's going to be hard, not being able to throw out things until the end of the year. Back in NZ I would just take the things I don't need to my parents' place, sometimes in exchange for other things I find there.

We'll see. :)

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