Sunday, September 04, 2011

Kinda lucky I started hard out cleaning the flat yesterday, defrosting the freezer, the fridge, the stove area, the floor, the mirror, etc, because the landowners came up this morning to inspect... There are a few works to be done in the shower booth area and while at it, I think the walls are going to be repainted.

All in the space of two days?! I am not sure how quickly the French work here, but that seems a lot to me for just a couple of days' work. Not complaining about getting my home revamped, but not sure if the room would be liveable for those days. Am considering if I should ask to stay over at a friend's, since I'm pretty sure I won't be able to take showers for a while at home.

It would be a good time for me to start going to the pools, then, huh. Also it's forcing my to get rid of even more junk that I had yesterday. Got to be more minimalist, Viv! Get rid of the cute little trinkets!

Will be decorating the room afresh for the new semester after the works, haha.

Ended up packing most of my possessions, so now my room seems like a hotel room. The reason I packed so much was that I didn't know what to pack. They told me to pack the valuables, but I don't really have that many valuables, haha. In any case, it's good to know that I probably won't have to ship anything at the end of my exchange, I will be able to fit everything into my one suitcase. Way to go, Viv ! ;)

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