Putting off exposés

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two exposés for Monday and Tuesday next week. In French, a 10 minute presentation in front of the class, all by myself. Daunting. Only just finished the minimal readings, need to put together a Power Point slides and plans on what I will say... Sigh.

Yesterday I babysat for 10 hours. In reward, haha, I finally got the new microwave with an oven function, new light bulb cover, and the mirror fixed back on the wall. Sweet !

This morning I got to meet the lady behind the blog "Oh Happy Day", which I read habitually for inspirations to my imaginative parties and events. It was cool to see her at work, and to assist in her projects. I am hoping this will become a weekly thing; I am so excited to be finally taking a step towards the 'creative' world ! My final goal : the Circus. That's one of the things I tell people, anyway.

- What do you want to do after your studies ?
- Er,.. Um... I want to do something to do with (take in rotation) translating/ interpreting / journalism/ the cultures/ films/ NGO/ children/ the Circus... Something creative.

Tomorrow, I am babysitting again, the whole night, it seems like. The kids are (still) lovely. I think we ate too many Ferrero Rochers yesterday, though...

So, see, I don't really have time for exposés, haha. Nah, I'm sure everything will be fine... Avec un peu de chance..

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