Brunch place : The Moose

Monday, October 17, 2011

I never wake up early enough to go to church on Sunday mornings, the lazy lady that I am. However, these past few weeks I have been getting up especially early to see the All Black boys in action during the Rugby World Cup, happening in New Zealand this year. In Paris time 10am, the national NZ team played against their long time rival the Australians. And won. It was a good game on both sides, though by the end of the match pretty much every player had a bloody nose or mouth, or both. 

The place I go to see the match - only one more game to go now, the finals on next Sunday, NZ vs France - is the Moose, a Canadian bar in the Odéon area. One of the big reasons is that my friend F works there, and so I have come to know most of the workers there. Also, it is a nice friendly place, to get a glass or two, whether it be beer or cocktails. 

This morning I had breakfast bagel; I have been wanting bagel and bacon, so there. It came with two mashed potato fried balls - what are they called again ?! It's not coming to me right now.

I am getting used to the late nights and early-ish mornings now. I should really get back into the regular schedules. Start studying, too. It's been a long week of fun times. Let's get some sleep :)

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