Happy Friday

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Woke up late for internship today. For a moment I panicked because I thought I would have to have wash my hair and be even more late, but thankfully it looked okay so I just got up and got out. Hope it'll be the case on all late mornings. Like next Tuesday, when I have an 8am class.

Spent the whole morning cutting up glasses. Haha, you'll get it later on. It was hard work, lol, even got blisters on my fingers, and they are quite painful. Had fun, though, talking life and learning great tips.

A technician came in to fix my heater. It's very slowly heating up, I don't know why it's still not hot and only barely warm, but hopefully it'll get hotter soon... though it's been 5 hours since he left, I'm still wishful thinking.

Babysat my youngest kid - a four-year-old - we are doing Alphabets now. So far, so good. I love all of my kids so so much, I will really miss them when I leave France. :( But the time hasn't come yet, and it's really heart warming to see how they also really like me :)

Happiness comes from being able to say I love you to someone you care about. I try not to save those words too much. Everyone needs it, everyone needs to hear it from time to time; especially when these words carry tender feelings towards the person intended. I love you. I love you. I love you. :)

I have lots of writing to do tomorrow. Ten pages to finish writing this weekend. Started last night... But I can do this ! I am quite looking forward to the quiet day of waking up refreshed, baking plum crumbles, and sipping coffee while working away on my essay on the value of human life...

Bon week-end ;)

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