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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Considering new digital cameras...

Olympus Pen EP2. from here

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1. from here
No idea when I will actually buy one. Just wishfully dreaming. Still writing that same essay. Argh..

I also kind of want a film camera. Go back to analogue. Like this one:

Olympus Trip 35. from here

Considering if it is a waste of money; I already have so many 'hobbies'.. Like eating, cooking, drinking tea, films, violin, guitar, French, Spanish, drawing, dancing, reading, etc, etc, some that I do a lot and others not as much. None of them are serious hobbies, though. Except for perhaps French, because that is my major.

Sometimes I think I am trying to have my finger in every pie, but I only have ten fingers ! I feel that I should have just one or two real hobbies in which I can become an expert.

But which to choose? That has always been the problem in my life. I just have too many interests, that sometimes it feels like I am not really interested in anything. It's a hard decision...


Update. Well, went and bought that film camera. Not the burgundy one like shown in the picture, but a black one. The pictured one got sold for $81 which was a little outside my range. I bought mine for a whooping $32, and though I still haven't met it yet - it got dropped off at my parents' in Christchurch yesterday morning - I am so excited.

I still haven't found THE hobby to take up seriously. I may never be able to, I want to experience as many things as I can. Perhaps one day I will settle up on one to really delve my heart and soul into. Who knows :)

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