Baking : Brekkie slice

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Made a wonderfully delish brekkie pie inspired from a Kiwi food blog Our Kitchen. I changed a few things around, such as tuna instead of bacon, and cheese chunks instead of grating them. It's hard to find bacon in France, and they are expensive. I couldn't be bothered to grate the cheese. The cheese I used was salers, which is kind of like comté, one of my faves, but it's crumblier and softer. Thanks S for recommending it!

So I bought a flaky pastry sheet and halved it. My microwave/oven is not that big so this was about the right size. Chopped onions, placed tuna and cheese pieces as shown. Made wells for the eggs.

The eggs in their places. 

Just after coming out of the oven. I forgot to sprinkle extra cheese on top, but no matter. 

So so yummy! The smell that filled the apartment as the pie was baking was heavenly. Will definitely be baking another soon, it was a real success! Was enough for four slices :)

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