Dinner place : El Nopal

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Mexican place :) I felt like tacos again. There are no (real) tacos in NZ, so I wanted to have them while I had the chance. Met up with S at the Metro to head towards the tiny restaurant. I thought it would be a nice change to get out for once, a break from our usual routine. 

I got tacos, 3 for 6,5€. Assorted meat; pork, beef, beef with other things in them. Plus spicy sauce. S got a burrito, also 6,5€. Didn't want spicy sauce, though, ;p.

It was so nice! You would think these are too tiny to be filling, but it was perfect for me tonight :)

This is the kitchen, haha. El nopal is a type of cactus used in Mexican cuisine. They are flat looking things.. So not the one shown in the picture below.

The lady kept asking me me order in Spanish.. I didn't understand her accent very well.. Sigh, Spanish is still quite difficult..

It was a friendly place, though. I liked it. Thanks S for coming here with me :)

El Nopal
3, rue Eugène Varlin
75010 Paris
Monday closed

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