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Saturday, November 05, 2011

F had felt like having Thai for weeks, but we never got round to going out because either or the other of us would always be sick, away, or too tired from over-working, over-studying. How hard is it for three girls to meet up for one dinner? Very hard, it turns out, because this Thai dinner date was probably more than a month overdue. 

So finally we all met up. We were hungry, we were excited! We chose this place because the restaurant had good ratings on the Internet. It's located in Chinatown. To help us make sure we got here tonight, we decided to book... but they don't take bookings. While it wasn't crowded, it was almost full, and there were people waiting outside for their turns while we were eating. Good thing the weather wasn't bad today.

I am so bad when it comes to Asian dishes. I can never remember the names. I'm sorry. It's just that I don't eat them often, especially South East Asian dishes, and, well, I guess I have been focusing more on the European cultures until now, what with my French and that. 

F had duck in curry. She wanted a really spicy meal, but it wasn't spicy enough, unfortunately. She said it was just okay. However the nems she had for entrée were very big and delicious.

S and I had jasmine tea..

S had ... a large bowl of noodles soup with three kinds of meat: chicken, beef, and another kind of beef. The broth was nice, and the meat were tender.

I had the original Pad Thai. In French it's Phat Thai 7,8€. The noodles were chewy, but it was nice. Portion wise it was very filling. No space left for dessert for any of us, unfortunately.

Planning to have regular dinners with the Kiwi girls from now on, hopefully none of us will be too sick next week. Actually, it's pretty much just F; she attracts flus, haha, poor girl ;)

56, avenue de Choisy
75013 Paris
01 53 61 18 58
Métro 7 Porte de Choisy, Tramway 3 Porte de Choisy
Tous les jours sauf le mardi de 12h à 22h30.
Menu à la carte : 7-18 €

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