Drinks place : le Saint M

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

S and I went to see a French movie, l'Artist and afterwards we felt like a drink so went into this restaurant in the Bercy Village. I love the Bercy Village. It's like an American style open mall, through which a tram passes, though I've never actually seen the tram go past. There are cool shops and restaurants inside, and right at the end is the favourite of all, the huge movie complex. Not only is the place humongous, it also has one of the cheapest movie tickets in Paris. 

Anyway, S got a Long Island Iced Tea cocktail and I got their house special Saint M cocktail. Because I am always up for a new taste. It was okay. Then we ordered two tapas, one a fried shrimps pictured, and the other guacamole with corn chips. 

I wouldn't say it was the best place. The bartender was nice, but the manager wasn't really. Possibly because we didn't have dinner? It's a pretty chic kind of place, so may be a good place for couples to come to. Overall impression, fairly average. 

Le Saint M
34 Cour Saint Emilion, Bercy Village,
75012 Paris

Lun - Dim 9h -2h

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