Lift story - Get me out!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Isn't life exciting? I came back from grocery shopping, got on the lift, pressed my floor number, 7. The door closed, up we went... but we didn't. Soon after going up, it was, stop, the folding door opens. Er... What has just happened ? Did the lift just stop mid way? I try opening the swing door, but it does not budge. Drats. Now what. Um.. Mrs Guardian?! I'd seen her apartment lights on, but I wasn't sure if she'd hear if I'd shouted out at her.. 

Luckily for me, after a few minutes she came out, to take the rubbish wheelie bins out on the street to be emptied off tomorrow, and on seeing me stuck there, waving at her, came to my rescue. Well, she couldn't get me out, but she helped me call for help and what to say to the man on the other side of the conversation..

The lift was this much out of sync with the ground floor.

The swing door says to push, but push I could not ! Get me out of here!

That's my groceries, and my TimTam that I munched on while waiting in this tiny lift - elevator, for the Americans out there. TimTam is for Aussies/NZers what Oreo is for Americans. Two biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate in between and then coated all in some more chocolate. Yum! Instead of the 'Twist it, Lick it, Dunk it' Oreos, we have our own way to enjoy this favourite of our's. TimTam slam - get some warm milk, bite off the ends of the TimTam then use it as straw to suck up the milk. Heaven!

So, this was the button I pushed for help. The top A button. The technician on the other side said he'd come as soon as he had saved some other people. Okay.. Meanwhile, people on our building who had been trying to get the lift with no avail thus walked down instead, or those that just came into find me trapped, all asked if I was okay, and to hang in there. Haha, I now understand what it feels like to be a zoo animal! Lucky there are two windows on both sides of the lift, and that the lift had stopped so soon after having taken off, otherwise I would have been more panicky. I get quite claustrophobic, you see...

One neighbour did some tricks with the wiring down in the cellar so he got me out before the technician had even arrived. I must have been in that lift about 20 minutes. Merci Monsieur, et merci Madame F !

I took the emergency stairs outside to get up to my room. Being on the attic floor, I don't get access to my floor by the inside stairs. But it was good exercise, and I wasn't going to try my luck in the lift so soon afterwards, lest I get trapped in again. Also, I was quite famished by this time.

This was my dinner. I deserved a beer after all the excitement. I felt that I needed some greens and meat, so I made myself this, with a bit of Camembert cheese. Didn't get to finish all, though. Think the beer filled me up quite nicely :)

I love the Arctic Monkeys! Been listening to them all day long, here is one that came on as I was writing this.

Isn't life just full of unexpected little events?! haha ;)

Came home at 10pm from my late night class to find the lift stuck again, exactly in the same position as when I had been stuck. Except this time there was no one trapped inside. No choice, but to take the stairs outside. Actually, I have been taking to walking up and down the stairs ever since the incident. After tonight, though, think I will stick to the stairs for at least the end of this month. Legs, do not complain. Lungs, you will get used to it. It's only 7 flights up and down. Think of the physical benefits afterwards. Legs, you better not get bulky. lol

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