Thursday, November 03, 2011

Toulouse is further South of France than Bordeaux. It took me 5 hours to get there on the train, because there was a three hour delay due to some problems on the rails on the way. It sure did ruin some people's weekend, and there was a lot of complaints from all around. 

At first there was an hour delay before the train had even left Bordeaux, then we stopped at another train station for another two hours. At one point we were told to transfer to another train on another platform, so everyone started hurrying off, only to be told to get back onboard because there had been a mistake and there were no change of trains after all. Then they made us stay on the train and not get off, not even for a cigarette, or two... which did not go well with the passengers. A few minutes later an announcement was made reminding us that this was a strictly non smoking train and there would be a 67euro fine for people smoking on board. That certainly got us laughing out loud ! We then found some meal packs in boxes, so we helped us to those. It was filled with a water bottle, biscuits, biscottes, spread, taboulé and pasta cans. Another while later, another announcement : "Please do not help yourselves to the meal packs. I repeat, the meal packs are not for you to help yourselves to." ... Everyone just looked up, smiled at each other, and went back to eating the goodies. We deserved it !

Finally in Toulouse... Toulouse is a pretty city with brick buildings, and the main square reminded me of Madrid. There is a Spanish influence due to being so close to the border, and as part of the French way of the Santiago de Compostela route, I could see many shell signs leading the pilgrims on the right track. I could not see many, though, probably due to the cooler weather. 

My friends had an early dress up/ Halloween party. Fun times :)

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